Kisan Smart K3 Counting Machine


: Money Handling


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Kisan Smart K3 Counting Machine

Product Description

Kisan 3 Pocket Currency Sorter Smart K3

The Smart K3 reads and discriminates checks,
and the 7 inch external operating panel allows you to control the device comfortably while sitting on your desk. It can also detect counterfeit money and detect taped notes.

Additional Information

Error Detection No
Currency Range USD
Hopper Capacity Hopper : 1000 banknotes
Stacker Capacity Stackers : 200 banknotes
Counterfeit Detections No
Counting Speed (BPM) 1000, 800
Counting Speed (CPM) No
Operating Modes Mix Count
Dimensions (WxDxH) 350mm(L) x 400mm(D) x 390mm(H)
Weight in Kg 20.0000
Manufacturer Kisan
Color Black


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