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Most of detail ever seen on the screen

Welcome to the amazing sharpness and clarity of the monitor 5K. The Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K - UP2715K offers brilliantly vivid Ultra HD resolution 5120 × 2 880. This is a significant increase in image sharpness with more than 14 million pixels - four times more content than qHD resolution, seven times more than that of Full HD displays and almost double the pixel resolution than the Ultra HD 4K. The result is a superior visual experience that photographs and films provide excellent realism, depth and sharpness.
The Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K - UP2715K - great for designers and graphics

Great for designers and graphics
If you're a professional graphic designer or in the entertainment, film, photographic or technical industry immediately notice the benefits of technology to monitor 5K Dell PremierColour. Thus incredible details can be consulted on the work from a different perspective.
Consistent, accurate color Technology Dell PremierColour offers straight out from the factory preset of 99% coverage of Adobe RGB and 100% coverage of sRGB mode, impressive tracking grayscale and report on certified color calibration in production, indicating that the colors are realistic and precision with an extremely low value of less than 2 .DELTA.
High-end color depth and color range: Enjoy a greater range of colors and color detail with a wide color škálou1. 12-bit internal processing and high performance makes it possible to display up to 1.07 billion colors to distinguish dark tones grayscale options and exceptional detail even in dark areas.

Precise adjustment and color calibration
Using the Custom Color You can change the colors to suit your needs. Tune and adjust the colors displayed by using a number of parameters of colors, such as RGBCMY saturation, hue RGBCMY, RGB gain and offset.
If you require even more control and more accurate calibration is UP2715K comes with 12-bit user friendly 3D LUTs (look-up table) that can be viewed using the Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution with optional X-Rite colorimeter iDisplay Pro2.

Sharp picture and crystal clear sound
Exceptional clarity to the display without a frame allows in conjunction with high performance top stereo speakers achieve perfect audio-visual experience.
Improved sharpness and easy cleaning: Optical interconnections and antireflective coating eliminates the mirror two surfaces - the LCD panel itself and the protective glass layer in front of him. This makes it possible to transmit more light and thus significantly improve the sharpness, vividness and contrast. Anti-reflective coating makes it easy to clean the fingerprints.
Sound Hi-Fi Harman® Kardon: Two headed down speakers perfectly tuned by Harman Kardon® the impressive performance of 32 W (2 × 16 W) provide excellent sound.

Exceptional usability
Focus on gentle, almost endless details mediated monitor Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K - UP2715K in perfect comfort thanks to its extensive options.
The included stand allows you to tilt, swivel, height adjustment and vertical rotation.
UP2715K panel monitor can hang on the wall as needed to landscape or portrait.
Seamless connectivity to Windows and Mac computers as well as a wide range of digital peripherals. One USB 3.0 port for higher current in the back of the monitor offers twice the performance for charging and power supply compatible USB devices BC1.2. You also have one output port USB 3.0 and five USB 3.0 input ports and two DisplayPort connectors (to support 5K), mini-DisplayPort (to support 4K) and memory card reader.

Environmentally friendly design
The Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K - UP2715K complies with the latest regulations and environmental standards.
Normě® complies with ENERGY STAR
Hodnocení® EPEAT2 Gold
TCO Certification (display)

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13, January 2016

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