Cassida Xpecto Multi-Currency Banknote Counter and Detector


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Cassida Xpecto Multi-Currency Banknote Counter and Detector

Product Description


Exact recounting, detection of different currencies

The leading brand Cassida offers a unique counter specially designed for small to medium sized businesses and offices. Cassida Xpecto automatically determines the currency with reliable authentication. It recognizes up to 6 currencies of your choice.

The Cassida Xpecto consists of a color LCD with 3.3 inches diagonal Touch-Screen display, a loading pocket for 500 banknotes and a receiving pocket for 200. The user can choose the most acceptable conversion rate depending on the degree of deterioration of banknotes: 800/1000/1200 bills in a minute. The device is connected to a printer, LAN, remote display, conveniently demonstrating the result of processing to the client. Cassida Xpecto successfully combines a wide functionality with an acceptable price.

The Cassida Xpecto works in the following modes:

ADD or BATCH, ADD+BATCH, Count single denomination bill, Value counting by mixed denominations.

Types of detection

The device has a rugged, stable case of small dimensions (265x240x230 mm) with a weight of 5.6 kg. The Сassida Xpecto operates from a household power source with a power consumption of up to 40 watts. In addition to the functions of recalculation and summation, the counter will secure the proceeds from fakes with the following types of control:


And also defines double notes, banknotes, halves, jammed units.

High efficiency and maximum productivity

Cassida Xpecto compares favorably among analogues of other brands with low cost, reliability and stability of work. The device will save time for processing cash, speed up the time for servicing customers of operating, ticket offices, banking, credit organizations, retailers and services.

Additional Information

Error Detection Chain Note, Double Note, Half Note
Currency Range Optional (Any 6 Currencies)
Hopper Capacity 400-500
Stacker Capacity 200
Counterfeit Detections 2CIS, IR, MT, UV / MG
Counting Speed (BPM) 1000, 1200, 800
Counting Speed (CPM) No
Operating Modes Add, Batch, Denomination Sort, Mix Count
Dimensions (WxDxH) 265х240х230 / 280 (with guides)
Weight in Kg 5.6000
Manufacturer Cassida
Color Grey

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