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The RL2460HT is the monitor for competitive PC and console gaming. It is built to handle the raw intensity of the competition in every way. The gaming feature, Fighting Mode, was co-developed with fighting game legend, Justin JWong, Wong of Evil Geniuses. It enables gamers to highlight battle characters with special colours. To ensure optimum streaming, an HDMI output is available to eliminate input lag. The RL2460HT delivers total victory and gameplay satisfaction.

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  • Monitor
  • Quick start guide
  • UK power lead
  • DVI-D lead
  • USB 3.0 lead
  • miniDP to DP lead

Gaming is in the Details

Built to set the benchmark for RTS, MOBA and console gaming monitors, the RL2460HT is a true testament to the belief that 'gaming is in the details'. Each and every feature has been meticulously thought out and created together with pro gamers, to provide RTS, MOBA and console gamers with vital visibility and command to take their performance to new heights.

  • The HDMI Output feature only supports an HDMI input source
  • This feature is for screen mirroring only. Extended display is not supported

HDMI Output for High Streaming

The built-in HDMI output allows gamers to record and stream their gameplay after it goes through the monitor, instead of before, allowing their audience to see what they have seen without the risk of input lag or delay. Finally, there's a way for gamers to enjoy an audience - and preserve their monitor speed and performance too.


Fighting Mode to Sharpen your Focus

Absolute focus on characters is the key to master every fighting game. To optimise the gamers' choice of winning. BenQ invited fighting game legend, Justin 'JWong' Wong of Evil Geniuses, to co-design the Fighting mode. Through this feature, gamers can access specific colour calibration settings that help them highlight the characters for combat, giving them the boost they need to improve their gameplay and destroy their opponents.

Duo Smart Setup: Height Adjustment Stand and Precision Scale System

The height adjustment stand features a precision scale system that allows gamers to effortlessly keep track of their preferences and duplicate the same precise monitor height setup each and every time. Like its predecessors, the HAS can be operated with just one finger to move the screen up high or down flat on the table, turned vertically or horizontally. It is also paired with a VESA mount to meet different viewing needs. With these features, gamers can keep their desks neat and tidy. Enjoy the sleek and convenient headphones hook on the back as an added bonus.

Low Blue Light as Eye Safety Precautionary Measure

Practice long hours with clear, comfortable vision or compete with top-notch vision condition with BenQ's Low Blue Light. The blue spectrum light, which is produced by regular computer screens is a critical cause of eye damage, eye strain, headaches and sleeping disorders. With the offering of various adjustable low blue light levels, gamers can protect their eyes. So there would be no need for yellow tinted glasses for additional eye protection, and gameplay can be clear, comfortable and hassle-free!


Gaming-Comfort Flicker-Free Technology

Developed in collaboration with pro gamers, the RL2460HT has been upgraded to eliminate flickering at all brightness levels. This effectively reduces eye fatigue and elevates gaming performance through extreme visual comfort for even the most hardcore gamers enrolling in long hours of game play. Armed with the Gaming-comfort Flicker-Free technology, the RL2460HT is an epic weapon over your rivals.

The Game Mode Loader Lets you in on the Secret

The secret is out. Download special gaming pre-sets used by the professional players so you can see what the pros see. Each mode is fine-tuned so you can leverage these pre-sets used by pro gamers to your own advantage. More pre-sets from professional gamers will be released in the future so you can always stay on top of your game.

Display Pilot for On-Screen Display Navigation

The Display Pilot software provides the platform for users to make on-screen display adjustments and the convenience of direct access to the Game Mode Loader site for downloading and installing the pre-set display settings of their favourite game or professional gamer's screen instantly.


Ultra-Smooth Gaming Experience

Take advantage of ultra low input lag to embrace the smooth gaming experience To give gamers precious milliseconds during the game, all action will be rendered smoothly without ghosting and mouse motion will be synchronised with no latency.

Black eQualizer

Display Mode

1ms GtG Response Time


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11, July 2016

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